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Updated 2021 Bentley Bentayga Speed packs in 626-bhp

Bentley has updated the epitome of luxurious SUV, the Bentayga Speed with a facelift. The updated vehicle gets new styling, interior, and efficient powertrain.

The Bentayga Speed still uses the 6.0-liter W12 (hand-built) giving out 626bhp along with 664lb-ft. That massive power figure pushes this baby elephant from 0-62mph in a staggering 3.9 sec. The SUV accelerates all the way to 190mph making it the world's fastest SUV.

The power figures although it stands the same, the new cylinder deactivation technology is expected to help in improving the fuel consumption figures under part throttle for a relaxed cruising scenario. The cylinder deactivation technology cuts-out six-cylinders of the 12 which is controlled by the ECU as per demand.

Apart from the intelligent engine management set up the vehicle transmission also features coasting function. This cuts-off the engine and transmission while coasting.

The engineers have set up various driving modes in the vehicle which controls the ECU and alters the driving feel. the vehicle gets comfort, sports, custom modes. The vehicle responds the best in sports mode with better throttle response and quick gear shifts allowing a dynamic driving experience.

The Speed also boasts of the 48V active roll control system which is electronically controlled to inspire more confidence around the corners as more road contact is induced. The vehicle gets a torque-vectoring system too which in turn makes driving fun in the massive SUV.

To stop this heavy SUV one needs good brakes and thankfully Bentley has thought of it and provided the vehicle with the largest carbon-ceramic brakes which produce 6000Nm of stopping force.

On the cosmetics, the styling has been tweaked to relate it more with the Flying Spur and Continental GT making it look like a true Bentley. The elliptical lights with the large grille and that bonnet all come together to make it resemble the one from the Bentley family.

The Speed gets tinted headlights, dark trim detailing, a body kit, 22-inch wheels with large spoiler. Customers can also opt for Black specific styling package which replaces all chrome trim with carbon-fiber elements including the wheels and the rear diffuser and Speed badges on the door.

The cabin though looks identical to the standard Bentayga, it features an optional Alcantara upholstery, bright accents with 'Speed' embossed on the seats which can be changed with the Bentley logo as preferred by the elite customer. Speed adopts the Bentayga’s new 10.9in central touchscreen, upgraded infotainment system, smartphone compatibility functionality, and a digital instrument display.

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1 Comment

Jabir Khan
Jabir Khan
Aug 14, 2020

That is one gorgeous car, thanks for the update!

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