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Audi Reveals Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC40 Recharge competitors

Audi expands the e-tron EV lineup with the introduction of it‘s new entry level products as the Q4 and Q4 Sportback SUV. The new products were showcased during the 2019 Geneva Motorshow. Finally down the line in here in 2021 we get to see the final production-spec models. The design of final production models are similar to the prototypes showcased in the motor show.

The all-new Audi Q4 and Q4 Sportback SUV will be the level products for the EV segment.

Let’s get back to the cars. With a sloping roofline and a sporty rear end configuration, the Q4 Sportback is a coupe-styled variant of the standard Q4. Upfront the Q4 with its muscular styling, large grille design, and angry-looking LED Matrix headlamps with sporty cutaways in the front bumper give it a strong road presence making it a sure shot head turner.

The Q4 e-tron is available in three variants: 35, 40, and 50, with the Model-50 being the range topper. All three come with varying power figures and battery options. While the first two come with a single electric motor driving the rear wheels, the top-spec variant has two motors powering all four wheels. Quattro baby.

The 35 e-tron packs in a 52kWh battery pack. This version of the vehicle can power itself for an estimated range of 341kms on the standard variant while the sportback packs in an additional 8kms reaching 349kms. Under the hood the EV packs in a reasonable 170PS power with 310Nm torque which powers the rear wheels of the car making it just tad bit fun around the corners. Being an electric its top speed is capped at 160kmph.

The 40 e-tron packs in a a larger power pack of 77kWh propelling the vehicle for a good distance of over 500kms at one single charge. While this is also a single motor setup just like the 35 e-tron, yet it produces a good over 200PS of power with torque figures as that of the 35 e-tron at 310Nm. This combination powers the rear wheels of the e-tron taking it up to 160kmph.

The range topper being the 50 has the same power back as the 50 e-torn with a 77kWh setup but but but it has the dual motor setup thus powering all-4-wheels. The power figures on the 50 e-tron is at a staggering 300Ps & 460Nm torque. This AWD Quattro can go up to a maximum of 180kmph and a distance on just under 500kms in one single charge.

The Q4 will charge at a maximum of 125kW. (except the entry-spec 35 e-tron which is capped at 100kW). In ideal conditions, a 10-minute charge using a high-speed DC charging station will add about 130km of range to the 40 e-tron, whereas a 5 to 80 percent top-up would take 38 minutes.

Don’t be fooled by the badge of entry level EV. This Audi gets a good package of premium interior just like the masculine sporty styling on the exterior. The squared steering wheel with an uninterrupted view of the 10.25-inch optical gauge cluster in the Audi virtual cockpit makes the entry into the Audi welcoming and impressive. The central infotainment system is oriented aggressively towards the driver, and although it comes standard with a 10.1-inch touchscreen. In future one can expect an upgrade to 11.6-inch.

If that all wasn’t just enough for you, the Audi comes packed with Audi’s augmented reality heads-up display which just makes the drivers life easy by displaying all the necessary info upfront him. It come equipped with voice assistant (‘Hey Audi’ command), a digital driver’s display, ambient lighting, adaptive cruise control, and lane exit assist.

Center console with the drive selector, electronic parking brake, and driving modes, everything is provided to this Audi EV. Being an Electric vehicle means, Q4 electric SUV gets a flat floor which opens up a lot more room passenger comfort, particularly for those seated at rear where there is no middle hump.

It also has premium upholstery with individual headrests for all three rear seats, as well as integrated headrests for the sporty front seats. Audi provides upholstery with a high recycled polyester content from PET bottles for the environmentally conscious.

The Audi Q4 e-tron will take on the likes of Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC40 Recharge, Mercedes-Benz EQA, Jaguar i-Pace. However the Audi will largely take on the Tesla Model Y, but the Model Y gets an edge due to a better autonomous driving and a bit more performance.

Will Audi bring the Q4 and Q4 sportback to India? Maybe in 2022-2023 when the EV market scenario in India improves they will considering the fact that the VW owned manufacturer is evaluating its flagship e-tron SUV for the country.

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