• Gaurav Chakraborty

Lotus SUV spied

Updated: Aug 2

Lotus is in the mid of developing its first SUV with the help of its parent company Geely who also owns Volvo and Lynk & Co. While Lotus management did confirm about an SUV but, the SUV spied looks very similar to Lynk & Co. SUV. It's may be used for hiding something under its skin since the spied vehicle doesn't look anything like the patent filed by Lotus.

As per the images obtained the SUV seems to be electrified due to the absence of tailpipe and warning labels on the windscreen and fuel filler door. Also given the fact that Lotus has the Type 130 all-electric hypercar known as EVIJA. The company will surely use some bits for its new SUV.

If it is designed to be a hybrid, then Lotus may try to use the Volvo XC60 given the fact that Volvo is its sister company so, they do have a lot to play with. Since they are expected to be targetted towards the Porsche Cayenne the company will play their cards safe as they are aware that they have just one shot while it should feel good, handle well and look like a Lotus.

As for now, we aren't aware of what is going on in the Lotus headquarters but we will soon hear from them.

Source: motor1

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