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GTU Motorsports rank 45th Globally in Formula Student ranking: only Indian team in top 50

GTU Motorsports is a student-run extracurricular program devoted to the development of the Formula Styled Racecar for the ”FORMULA STUDENT COMPETITION”.

The student run team has tasted huge success recently post completion of “Formula Bharat 2021”. The student team has risen 27 ranks in the “Global Formula Student Ranking Index” holding strong at 45th position. This also makes them the only Indian team in the Top 50 Student combustion team.

This student run team was formed in April 2014 when seven institutions affiliated to GTUsigned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The team is made up of students hailing from 20 separate colleges under GTU. The team motto being “Building People, not just Race Cars”.

The team is well-balanced with combination of seniors who are expert in the field to juniors who are talented. This combination powers the team with creativity and enthusiasm. The team members have gone from book-smart to street-smart with the on hand experience while delivering “Real World Engineering Experience”.

Over the course the team has acquired a lot of recognition and achieved great level of traction. Thus making them a successful team. In the process of developing an open-wheel, single-seater Formula Style race car that enables students in inculcating skills like manufacturing, design, management, marketing as well as teamwork along the way. The GTU team participates every year in two major events- “Formula Bharat” and “supra SAE India”.

Some Achievements of the GTU Team:-

  • Even in the times of pandemic, the team secured 3rd rank in Design Presentation and also won the Best Business Plan Pitch Deck in the first-ever Virtual Formula Bharat 2021.

  • GTM20 is the Fifth Consecutive Race Car of Team GTU Motorsports since its inception.

  • GTM20 competed in Formula Bharat 2020 held at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore from 22nd January to 26th January 2020 and secured 3rd rank overall. 1st rank in Endurance & Acceleration.

  • GTM19 (previous vehicle) performed exceptionally well in static as well as dynamic events. The team secured 1st rank in Acceleration, Endurance, Overall Efficiency. Hence, the team was declared as Champion in the 2019 edition of Formula Bharat, which was also held at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore.

  • GTM18 secured 2nd place overall at SUPRA SAE, held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida.

  • GTM17 won the SUPRA SAE which was held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida.

We at TheRaceMonkey congratulate team GTU for the efforts and success and wish them all the best for all future events. Let the team shine and bring home more Wins.


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