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1966 Daytona-inspired Ford GT Heritage edition debut

Remembering the Golden days of Ford's first-ever 24-hours endurance win at 1966 Daytona. After 55 years of the Golden race Ford performance debuts a new edition of its flagship Ford GT, 'The Ford GT Heritage edition'.

The reason for Ford to pay tribute is the win, in which Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby with the iconic GT40 MK-II led a 1-2-3-5 Ford finish, was the same season where the GT eventually went on to win the Sebring and Le Mans events, both 1-2-3 finishes. This win wasn't just a win for Ford alone but, they were the very first American company to manage win at the most prestigious race of all time. With the tuner legend Caroll Shelby and one of the most gifted drivers of all time, Ken Miles managed to bring win to America.

Mainly the win was the first time anyone had threatened Ferrari’s dominance in sports car racing and represented a turning point in the Ford GT race program. Well if you have watched Ford V/S Ferrari you know that bit of history.

Anyways, talking of the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition. The flagship features Frozen White exterior paint with a contrasting exposed carbon fibre bonnet. Yes, you guessed it right its inspired by the bold white, black and red exterior of the 1966 endurance-winning Ford GT40 MK II race car. There are also asymmetrical red accents on the front bumper, roof, driver-side door and rear wing.

One of the iconic touch being the 98 competition number etched in exposed carbon remembering the legend Ken Miles and his legendary car the GT40 MK-II. Thats a history piece to carry over. Along with classic Ford lettering near the rear wheel arches and the gold-finished 20-inch forged-aluminium wheels with red Brembo brake callipers.

On the inside, the Heritage Edition comes with anodized red paddle shifters and red Alcantara performance seats. The instrument panel, headliner and steering wheel is also finished in Alcantara. Also available is a Heritage Upgrade Package. This adds 20-inch exposed carbon fibre wheels with a gloss red accents, with the brake callipers finished in black with red Brembo lettering. Inside, ghosted 98 roundels on both door panels.

The lightweight driver-centric interior features unique appointments including black Alcantara suede wrapping the instrument panel, headliner and steering wheel rim, while anodized red paddle shifters and red Alcantara suede performance seats add dramatic contrast to the interior.

On the mechanical front the vehicle is the same. The American star packs in a 3.5-litre Ecoboost V6 making 656PS and 749 Nm and paired with a seven-speed DCT. This sits mid-mounted in a carbon-fibre body, with pushrod suspension. Carbon-fibre brakes and dihedral doors are other supercar add-ons.

Doesn't make you feel special still? Ford is aware of them who loves to have everything unique. Along with the Heritage Edition, Ford is also offering a new graphic package called the Studio Collection. Only 40 cars will receive this upgrade, developed in collaboration with the Ford GT's manufacturer, Multimatic. This package will be available in seven standard or a slew of customizable shades that will highlight various sections of the Ford GT.

The combination of the stripes and accents invokes the emotion of speed and draws your eye to some of the most prominent features of the GT. The fuselage, buttresses and signature features on the headlights provide visual anchors for the graphics, guiding your eye across the vehicle.

Now thats one legendary piece which everyone would love to keep but only the fortunate ones get it. '7000+ Go Like Hell'.

Deliveries of the 2021 model year Ford GT begin in early 2021, with Ford GT production wrapping up in 2022.

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