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2021 Indian Motorcycle lineup announced.

The American Motorcycle brand Indian revealed its product line-up for 2021, which includes all Scout, Leader, Chieftain, FTR, Challenger, Roadmaster, and Springfield bikes models. In its current model line, the American motorcycle corporation has also launched the new Scout Bobber Twenty, Roadmaster Limited, and Chief Vintage Dark Horse. With the announcement of its 2021 product range, Indian Motorcycle has also revealed that all of its 2021 models will be available in our country soon.

At present, Indian Motorcycle does not have a single product on sale in our country that complies with BS6. The legendary company is scheduled to unleash BS6 bikes on the Indian market by the end of the year, as per previous reports. It's October and the brand still doesn't have an exact timetable written.

“We’re extremely motivated by the significant brand momentum we’re experiencing, and we’re as focused as ever to provide our riders with best-in-class products and experiences. Our riders are extremely discerning, with high expectations across the board and it’s incumbent upon us to stay on the cutting edge in style, performance, and technology. Our 2021 lineup additions and upgraded features are a result of the hard work and dedication we pour into every bike in the lineup.” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle.

The new Vintage Dark Horse is to join the Indian Motorcycle cruiser lineup. The Indian Vintage Dark Horse comes with comfortable black leather bags and totally black-out detailing for riders who want a classic look with a mean attitude.

The Roadmaster lineup is better than ever with important upgrades in 2021. Although Roadmaster Limited and Roadmaster Dark Horse versions feature Indian Motorcycle's all-new ClimaCommand Rogue heated and cooled seat with Ride Command integration, Apple CarPlay is now standard throughout the range.

Joining the Roadmaster lineup is the Roadmaster Limited, which features gloss paint, chrome finishes, a modern fairing design, an open front fender and slammed saddlebags. Meanwhile, the restyled Roadmaster Dark Horse includes fully blacked-out finishes for a mean and modern attitude. Each model is powered by Indian Motorcycle’s powerful, air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 with premium features, including Metzeler Cruisetec tires, lower fairings with adjustable airflow vents, heated grips and a push-button adjustable windshield. Standard amenities across the entire Roadmaster lineup include remote-locking saddlebags and trunk with over 37 gallons of combined storage, adjustable passenger floorboards, ABS, cruise control, keyless ignition, tire pressure monitoring and full LED lighting.

The power buttons on the Chieftain, Roadmaster, Indian Springfield, and Indian Challenger models have been relocated to the switch cube on the handlebars to accommodate a new 12-volt charge port on the dash. The charge port conveniently provides riders with an opportunity to plug in and connect to a wider range of electronics.

The upcoming Indian's are loaded with features

  • ClimaCommand Heated & Cooled Seat

  • Apple CarPlay

  • Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight & Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights

  • PowerBand Audio

Indian is not only coming back with these amazing bikes but also with accessories

Indian Challenger riders will pack for the long haul in 2021 and enjoy new facilities for touring. The Indian Challenger quick release trunk adds an extra capacity of 17 gallons. The Indian Challenger trunk, similar to the Indian Roadmaster trunk, is lockable with a key fob and can accommodate two full-face helmets. Passengers have up to 2 inches of extra space for convenience when combined with the Slim Trunk Passenger Backrest Cover.

A new low-profile quick-release padded sissy bar with a low-profile passenger pad is available for both Indian Challenger and Thunderstroke models, for those who want additional passenger comfort without losing the low-profile and streamlined style of the bike.

Indian Challenger and Thunderstroke riders can add even more wind protection with taller accessory windshield options and added comfort with an extended reach seat, infinite highway pegs and a pinnacle heel shifter. For those riding two-up, a quick-release passenger sissy bar, passenger backrest pad, and passenger floorboards add passenger comfort. Cruising just became more comfortable.

Thunderstroke models, Indian Motorcycle offers a full package of comfort and passenger accommodations, including extended reach seat, mid-rise and 16-inch ape hanger handlebars, rider and passenger backrests, color matching quick release trunk, passenger armrests and more. Indian Challenger riders can upgrade with mid-rise handlebars, a tinted curved windshield, and front highway bars. Wow! These guys have something to cater to everyone.

For those long rides, one needs performance here is the list from Indian. Indian Motorcycle’s lineup of Thunderstroke performance accessories significantly modifies the overall look, sound, and performance of each engine.

The stage 1 slip-on exhaust, available in black or chrome, improves sound for both the Thunderstroke 111 and Thunderstroke 116. Indian Motorcycle’s stage 1 oval slip-on muffler kit and stage 1 performance air intake together increase horsepower by 4% with the Thunderstroke 111 and 8% with the Thunderstroke 116.

By adding the stage 2 performance cams, riders will gain 13% more horsepower when compared to a stock Thunderstroke 111. The Thunderstroke 116 stage 2 performance kit, which includes cams, higher flowing fuel injectors and throttle body, produces a 17% horsepower boost when paired with both Stage 1 accessories.

Riders can also upgrade any Indian Motorcycle model packing the Thunderstroke 111 with its Thunderstroke 116 stage 3 big bore kit, which produces 20% more horsepower when compared to a stock Thunderstroke 111.

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