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The most practical EV under ₹40 lakh? - MG ZS EV

We've all been infested with multiple EV launches every now and then and a number of car manufacturers are stepping up their game when it comes to electric mobility. All of this is thanks to the great fad of sustainability and fuel-saving measures legislated by the dear government.

Now the MG ZS EV is no new kid in the market. It has sustained massive waves of competition from both the Korean and Indian sides, but even still it stayed strong. Although MG isn't British and is owned by SAIC which is a Chinese automotive subsidiary that is profiting hugely all across the globe. But this product has been designed to be homologated and sold in the European markets as well. Let's dissect a few pointers on what makes the MG ZS EV, one of the best EVs to buy in India today.}

Volkswagen Roots.

Yes, that is not a typo error, nor have I been drinking heavily in the past few days. When MG was developing the ZS, they were benchmarking several cars from several brands. The one manufacturer from which they picked up the most components is Volkswagen.

Now this is no trade-off, it has absolutely worked in favor of MG. As much as someone may diss the Chinese origins of the ZS EV, they cannot deny that the quality of components and general fit and finish is top-notch indeed. I've had the Hector in the past, and the ZS is an absolute departure from what is the perceived quality of the Morris Garages moniker. It has the most ergonomic interiors.

I've been saying this again and again, the MG ZS, amongst all EVs under ₹40 lakh price tag has the most logically laid out interior. That is of course with the Mahindra XUV400 coming in at a very close 2nd position. Every button, knob, and panel is within the reach of the driver and it makes the daily commute so effortless.

The quality of material on the inside, again, all thanks to Volkswagen's parts sharing, is top tier too. Everything that you touch and feel has an air of high quality to it. Like the soft-touch materials on the top of the dashboards and central console is at par with the quality of materials supplied by Mercedes and Audi. We are not paid to say this, you can go to your nearest MG showroom and see it for yourself. Some parts of the dashboard are so soft, that they mimic baby buttocks.

Battery, Motor and the Tech.

The 50.3 kWh battery is quite a sizeable capacity for your daily commute. Multiple user cases show that 95% of the time a customer chooses to purchase an EV for their commute from Point A to B, mostly within the city, or perhaps those quick night drives outside the city to meet his ex-girlfriend. And for that the claimed 461km (which is 390 km as tested in the real world) is more than adequate. The 176 bhp motor pulls with 280 Nm available at a touch of the accelerator pedal and it is properly quick. The pace is good enough to sham SUVs which sell at a similar price point with large turbocharged engines.

The 3-stage brake recuperation a.k.a KERS works wonders in making these daily commutes absolutely effortless. With recuperation at level 3, it basically works in the single pedal mode at speeds up to 70 kmph making it a hassle-free experience.

There are 3 driving modes as well, namely ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT the latter being the most aggressive and the most wheelspin-inducing program of the ECU.

Design Details.

There are subtle yet very cohesive-looking design details on the ZS EV that makes it look very premium, even from afar.

This does look like a proper SUV with a higher ground clearance and a higher bonnet line as well. The wheel well is surrounded by a healthy dose of plastic cladding making it quite practical to take over some properly rough roads. There are 3D details in the head-lamps and tail-lamps as well which takes the design game a notch above.


The Chinese have not been able to pioneer in building efficient combustion engines. They are neither frugal nor performance oriented. On the contrary, they make one of the best EVs in the world. And the MG ZS EV is a true testament to that. Although Indian manufacturers are quickly catching up to the pace of MG's prowess, the ZS stands a very strong product with properly engineered elements in the market full of experimental boxes for all major manufacturers.

If you have about ₹25 lakh in your pocket to buy yourself and your family an electric car. Look no further, get the ZS EV, this would be one of the most polished choices in the world of C-segment EVs. The ZS does everything correctly and then some. There had been some issues with the BMS (Battery Management System) in the first-generation models, but with the facelift and a larger battery, things have upscaled quite a bit.

Photos : Aryan Juneja Words : Ishaan Bharadwaj

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