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Lamborghini SCV12: A track-attack “HyperCar”

The Volkswagen group owned Lamborghini, who started with manufacturing Tractors, known for its rivalry with Ferrari. The brand with the raging bull has almost completed its development program for a new hypercar named SCV12. This monster also will be manufactured at the brand's facility located in Sant’Agasta Bolognese, Italy

Yes, the vehicle will not get any road standard equipment, not even the headlights since you can never drive this vehicle out on the streets. The same which we witnessed earlier with the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The hypercar is developed by the Italian's motorsports wing "Squadra Corse" which in turn allowed them to go nuts with this vehicle. 

The hypercar is ready for its world premiere this Summer 2020. The Lamborghini's heart of the matter is a V12 naturally aspirated motor pumping out a brutal 830HP, no turbos, no witchcraft, just pure raw power!

Well, how did they manage to go all bonkers with this vehicle? 

Thanks to Lamborghini group’s Squadra Corse Racing engineers who decided it was best to go with a double air intake setup and a roof scoop (ram-intake) not making it aesthetically brutal but also functional. This air intake set-up manages to force air to the intake manifolds allowing the NA-V12 to offer unbelievable power output.

As said this vehicle will not have regular headlights as it will not be road legal the company used this to its full advantage and made the vehicle as aerodynamic as they could and made it of carbon-fibre adding to its advantage of power-to-weight ratio. Mention not the huge rear wing on this vehicle is pretty functional (unlike desi spoilers), even this is made out of carbon-fibre completely meaning this vehicle is a joy to drive at high speeds throwing it around the corners as nothing has happened. The rear carbon-fibre wing manages to produce more downforce than the GT3 cars do. Compared to the conventional downforce calculations, all this sounds just "Simply Clever".

Mechanically this Lamborghini is a rear-wheel-drive (RWD). The V12’s power will be discharged to the ground by a new six-speed gearbox, derived from the one fitted on the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO combined with only rear-wheel drive. The engineers have cleverly integrated a part of the transmission down the chassis for better distribution of the weight. To move this machine around the corners this vehicle houses push-rod suspension setup.

The company has decided to provide this machine with shoes delivered from Pirelli which are specially developed for its kind. Having 19 inches wheels for front and 20 inches wheels on rear the rims, which are also forged out of Magnesium. 

While the officials at Lamborghini haven’t mentioned the number of units available to customers, rest assured the lucky ones will be driving the SCV12 on some of the worlds most prestigious circuits. Making this beast exclusive & rare!

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