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Here is the all new BMW M3 and M4

BMW is back with the all-new BMW M3 and M4.

Both the M3 and M4 seem like an absolute beast on paper. They both are powered by 3-liter inline sixes, with one turbo for each three-cylinder half. That helps in delivering an astonishing 503 horsepower in the Competition Spec, put through by an Eight-speed Auto, propelling this car 0-62mph in less than 4 seconds for the rear-wheel-drive version.

Yes, for the first time ever, there is a four-wheel-drive system optional as well on the competition. More specifically, an M four-wheel-drive system which can also let you go sideways, very sideways.

The new M3 and M4 are more distinctive than the 3 series and 4 series than ever before, and it is not all because of those huge kidney grills. The M3, in particular, with wide and angular body parts and a large rear diffuser, looks much more aggressive than it’s speed camera friendly avatar.

On the inside the interior is very familiar to the models they’re based on, having a lot of carbon fiber trim and M badges. There is a fat steering wheel that feels nice and chunky to grip on to, and new seats that offer a lot of support for those fast tight corners. We also spot the M-specific buttons on the steering wheel which is finished in red. Hello! Murder modes.

What’s more, you can have the base 473hp M3 and M4 with a proper Stick-shift manual gearbox, though the option is not available in the higher-powered specs. The Competition variant is offered with an eight-speed automatic. The torque figures are 406lb-ft in the base cars and 479lb-ft in the competition versions. The Top speed is limited to 155-mph but can be raised to 180-mph.

Hardware changes include electronically operated faps for the sports exhaust system, Active M differentials, Adaptive M suspension, Servotronic steering, wider axles for front and rear, improved braking unit.

*the M compound brakes are standard, while M carbon-ceramic is optionals.

Also, on offer for the first time is the dynamic stability control (DSC) which helps to induce wheel slip limitation and thus adjusting the M traction control up to 10 stages for those magnificent slides. Simply C-L-E-V-E-R.

The German duo gets other aids like HUD, air-con, Merino leather, Alcantara upholstery and an all-digital cockpit. The list of driver's safety hardware is well integrated into the pair so that one can emerge safely on the other side, even after driving like a lunatic.

Hey! BMW can we please be done with those oddly large grills? Well, apart from the massive grills which take time to get used to the duo looks magnificent. As on the exterior, the rear of both is beauty. The M4 gets a sleeker taillight compared to the M3. The quad-exhaust on the flanged bumper makes things looks masochistic.

Well, the BMW M3 and M4 for now surely belong to the #M-town.

The new BMW M3 will set you back $70,895, and the M4 will start at $72,795. The Competition Package will be offered at an extra $2900. You can expect to start seeing these in your nearest BMW showrooms in March 2021, while the xDrive all-wheel-drive Competition models will start rolling in next summer.

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