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Fun Family EV. Refreshed. - 2024 Mahindra XUV400

The Mahindra XUV400 EV has been one of my favourite mid-sized family electric cars since the time I drove it at Mahindra's test facility outside of Chennai. It was everything Mahindra needed in its portfolio to compete against the ultimate contender in the Indian EV space, the TATA Nexon. But where Tata was alluring everyone with world-class features and suave design, Mahindra poured in excellent interior space and driving dynamics.

But what this segment demands, is great packaging and a robust after-sales network. Besides, the XUV400 lacked overall driving range and value-for-money proposition up till today, since it was a straight swap from the XUV300 which boasts an internal combustion engine setup.

The XUV400 then does have a lot of weight on its shoulders, especially with the introduction of the all-new Tata Nexon EV, which to be honest is a great value for what it supplies.

What's on the inside?

Let's talk about the area where the biggest visual change has happened in the XUV400, the interiors. To start off with, the dashboard has gone through a full refresh and it now boasts everything that a young consumer demands in this segment. There is a full 10.25 inch instruments display which is a straight pick from the XUV700 with large instruments dials and host of driving data that is available on demand, something that was missing massively on the pre-facelift version.

There is a relatively healthy-sized 10.25-inch central infotainment display which boasts Mahindra's Adrenox connected car technology which gets 55+ features to function through. This includes seamless connectivity and a car unlocking feature through a smartwatch.

This touchscreen is ergonomically placed right above the air conditioning vents which helps you keep your eyes on the road at all times. There is an upgrade done to the air-conditioning system too with a dual-zone climate control system installed as standard in EC and EL variants. This makes a huge difference when it comes to packing since India is largely a temperate country and a good climate control system is always a boon. You also get rear AC vents across the variants.

The interior with the refresh does feel high quality now, the fit and finish of everything feels a grade or two above what it was. I especially appreciate Mahindra thinking about the bottles and cups of young consumers which Tata had not thought about at all. People driving the Tata Nexon EV keep their hot cups of coffee in their hands when on the go! There is a wireless charger with a cooling pad too for your mobile devices.

The overall driving position in the XUV400 is fantastic, to be honest, I spent long hours driving the car around Delhi in start-stop traffic and never did I feel lethargic. The seats are very comfortable and every control is ergonomically placed for a much more comfortable experience than its direct rival.

Back seat king!

The rear seat experience of the XUV400 indeed is the greatest in this segment. There is tonnes of headroom and the knee room is healthy as well. What surprises me, is the abundance of shoulder room for 2 passengers at the back, even if you are a full-fat 6 ft 4 inches tall. You will be able to fit!

The rear air conditioning vents are large and throw out an expansive amount of air. There is a type-C charging port in the rear AC console to fast charge your devices on the go. The floor too is relatively flat for the third passenger to accommodate comfortably without fuss.

The Drive!

The XUV400 exudes the true essence of Mahindra's vision of making great-to-drive cars. The suspension system is engineered to control roll and pitch most delightfully. In the last couple of days, my drive to some rough roads around my sites in Delhi NCR has been pretty brilliant. There is hardly anything that you feel filtering into the cabin, the twin chamber dampers absorb most of the bumps that the roads have to offer in India with immense grace. Particularly the rumble strips that the roads of NCR are filled with.

Further, the steering setup has been improved marginally with upgraded software helping the column motor weigh up the steering feedback when the pace increases making it a very potent experience driving this car hard. There is a good amount of feedback too that is being communicated from the front wheels to the steering wheel through the electronic power steering making the overall drive very dynamic.


The Mahindra XUV400 is the only EV I would pick if I had 20 lakh in my pocket and I needed a car for my family. The space management and packaging are done in a very practical way and the features aren't outright impractical to use either. It is fitted with equipment which is easy to use and will be easier to maintain over the lifecycle of the car, something which most manufacturers are blinded to. At ₹17.49 lakh (ex-showroom) it is great value considering you get 150 PS of max power and 310 Nm of max torque on offer and a healthy 39.2 kWh battery which can easily do 390 km of real-world driving range if driven calmly and with a more conscious planning.

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